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At Flower World, we believe in nothing but the best for your special day. Our exclusive wedding decorations feature fresh imported flowers with both modern and traditional designs that are suitable for Malaysia's unique cultural diversity. We are also able to customize your wedding decorations to suit your specific tastes and themes. The following are some of the wedding decorations that we offer.

Feature Products

  • Roses and Lily Posy

    RM 88.00

  • Carnation, Daisy and Roses ...
    MOT 1902

    RM 88.00

  • Roses and carnation bouquet
    MOT 1909

    RM 150.00

  • Roses and Carnation bouquet
    MOT 1911

    RM 150.00

  • Carnation bouquet
    MOT 1912

    RM 150.00

  • Roses and Carnation Bouquet
    MOT 1913

    RM 150.00

  • Lily Bouquet
    HBO 7421

    RM 120.00

  • Sunflower Bouquet
    HBO 7420

    RM 85.00