Meanings of Colors of Flowers


Red - True love

Blue - Mystery, attaining the impossible

White - Eternal love, silence or innocencem wistfulness, virtue, purity, secrecy, reverence and humility

Black - Death, hatred, farewell, rejuvenation or rebirth

Yellow - Friendship, jealousy, infidelity, or apology, a broken heart, intense emotion, dying love, extreme betrayal

Pink - Grace

Dark pink - Gratitude

Light pink - Desire, passion, joy of life, youth, energy

Burgundy - Unconscious beauty

Orange - Desire, passion

Purple - Love at first sight

Red & White - United

Red & Yellow - Joy, happiness and excitement


General - Fascination; distinction; love

Red - Deep romantic love, passion, "My heart aches for you,"

White - Sweet and lovely, innocence, pure love, faithfulness

Pink - A woman's love, a mother's love, "I'll never forget you," "Always on my mind"

Yellow - Rejection, disdain, "You have disappointed me"

Purple - Capriciousness, whimsical, changeable, unreliability

Mauve - Dreams of fantasy


Red - Declaration of love

Yellow - Hopeless love


General - Innocence, loyal love, purity, faith, cheer, simplicity

Red - Beauty unknown to possessor


General - Refined beauty


General - Pure and lofty thoughts

Bird of Paradise

General - Liberty, magnificence, good perspective