Valentine's Day

What is Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is a special day celebrating the spirit of Love! For over 600 years, sweethearts and lovers all over the world have expressed their romantic affection for one another by giving flowers, candy and loving messages. Today, Valentine’s Day without flowers would be like having Christmas without presents! At Flower World, you'll be able to find the perfect bouquet of flowers for that special someone!

What Flowers Should I Get For Valentine's Day?

Known as the "Queen of Flowers", roses are famous for their elegant blooms and romantic scent. Traditionally, red roses have been the flower of choice on Valentine's Day. The Red Rose signifies Love and Passion. Roses also come in pink, champagne, purple and white colors.

Another Valentine's Day favorite are lilies. In Malaysia, the three most sought after lilies types are: the large & fragrant Casablanca Lily, the trumpet-shaped Madonna Lily and the long & elegant Calla Lily. In fact, the fleur-de-lis, which is a famous symbol of French noble families, was inspired by the lily.

Gerberas, also commonly known as Daisies are fun & friendly blossoms that will lighten up anyone's day. Well known for their vibrant colors, this type of Valentine's Day flower is suitable for friends and family.

Flower World also offers a variety bouquets featuring exotic flowers such as tulips, sunflowers, orchids, eustomas and even Ferrero Rocher chocolates!