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Proposal Bouquet

A marriage proposal is one of the most special events in a person’s life, especially a woman’s. When a man proposes to the love of his life, he asks for her hand in marriage, hoping she would share his dream of living their lives together as husband and wife. When a man proposes, more often that not, he would present her with a breathtaking proposal bouquet of flowers. A proposal bouquet is important because it strengthens the sincerity of a proposal and adds the amount of romance it needs for him to win over her heart. The bouquet is a significant romantic gesture which carries an unspoken message and symbolizes his love for her.

Do you often wonder what sort of flowers would be appropriate for a proposal bouquet? How many flowers should you get? What colors would be best? Don’t worry, we can help with you that. We will make sure your proposal bouquet is as special as the love you share with your loved one. Most people would go for roses when they want to make their proposal because roses are universally known to symbolize love and romance. However, there are no hard and fast rules to a proposal bouquet. You can always choose different types of flowers which your partner might like more such as Casablanca lilies, carnations, hydrangea, cymbidiums, or even mix all her favourite flowers into your proposal bouquet. You can refer to our Meanings of Flowers or Meanings of Number of Flowers guide to help you gain a better understanding of what each flower symbolizes as well as what the numbers of flowers mean.

Below are some of the previous proposal bouquets which we have done that might interest you or give you some inspiration. For instance, the 108 roses proposal bouquet is usually done by other florists in a round or long style. But, we’ve added a little more personal touch to it and turned the bouquet into a heart-shaped bouquet! These require more work and effort, but trust us, it’s all worth it when we see the smiles and excitement on our customers’ faces.

Other flowers that would make a unique proposal bouquet are our Hydrangea, Cymbidium and Tulip bouquet. Hydrangeas put a softer touch to the bouquet whereas Cymbidiums exudes elegance. Cymbidiums are also known to last up to 2 weeks! That would give your bride-to-be more time to admire and appreciate her very own proposal bouquet. The tulip bouquet, on the other hand, gives a sweet and delicate feeling.

If flowers are not enough, you can always choose to add on little gifts such as cute soft toys, romantic chocolates, or whatever you have in mind to go with your proposal bouquet. Better yet, you can place your engagement ring with your flowers in the proposal bouquet.

If you haven’t decided on a place to propose to your loved one, we suggest one of these places:

  • - Your most memorable spot/place together, i.e. where you first met or shared your first kiss.
  • - Her favourite restaurant.
  • - A romantic place. i.e a beautiful night spot, a beautiful park
  • - A place where you both share many happy memories together
  • - Yours or her home, if you are both living together.

Some people prefer the conventional proposal in a romantic restaurant, where the gentleman gets down on one knee, and pops the biggest question of his life to the woman he loves and she happily says yes. While some decided to be different and get a little adventurous with their way of proposal. Either way, most importantly, make your proposal as personal and intimate as possible because that special memory will belong to both of you for a lifetime.

Here’s an idea:

If you share a sentimental spot in a beautiful park with your girlfriend/boyfriend, you could plan your way to propose to her there. Use romantic or cute little things to decorate a small area such as lining some candles into a heart shape so that when she meets you there, she’d be greeted with the most beautiful, romantic sight made just for her. Ask her to step inside the enclosed area of candles and propose to her in it with a bouquet of her favourite flowers and have your friends/family record the whole process. She’d definitely love to watch the proposal over and over during your lifetime together. We’re sure you would to. ;)

Of course, sometimes, things don’t always go as planned. That’s when you need to make sure the timing is right when you propose. Timing is very important as it affects the outcome of the proposal, more often than not. So, we suggest if you had planned to propose to her on a certain day, and she happens to be going through a rough day and just wants to have some time alone, don’t go ahead with the proposal. Postpone it. Don’t propose to her when she’s going through a bad day and most probably doesn’t feel like her best self. Instead, do it when she’s in good spirits. She would surely want her proposal to be a memorable and happy one. Remember to make sure you have planned out the proposal carefully and have a backup plan, just in case, because you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong and ruin the proposal for both of you.

That said, we hope your proposal would be successful and have a happily married life with the one you love!

Feel free to go through our proposal bouquets and see if you spot one that you like. You may also give us a call or visit our shop to have a better understanding of proposal bouquets. Our consultants will be happy to assist you!